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Faculty and Staff


6 Blue

Amber Tapley              Language Arts
Patia Rountree Math 
Megan Reed Science 
Cathy Futch Social Studies


6 Gold

Nicole Maldonado Language Arts
Amanda Halligan Math
Tony Raymond Science
Melissa Whiteman Social Studies


6 Jackets

Calista Brogden Math / SS
Anna Swint ELA / SS
Bailey Sellers  Science / SS


7 Blue

Tom Lieu                      Math 
Stephanie Burke Science 
Cindy Oliver Language Arts 
Erin Adams Social Studies


7 Gold

Lauren Brazell Language Arts
Amy Lemmer Math
Brandon Poole Science
Robert Sammons Social Studies


7 Jackets

Massey Warren       Science / SS
Roseann Major Math / SS
Carly Chevalier ELA / SS


8 Blue

Georgia Starling         Language Arts 
Sheri Grooms Math 
Benjamin Beggs Science 
Jason Long SS


8 Gold

Jessica Blanton        Language Arts
Shannon Willis Math
Kimberly Pucciariello Science
Jennifer Hill Social Studies


8 Jackets

Joy Adams                           ELA / Social Studies
Caitlin Stephens Math / Social Studies
Tiffany Robinson Science / Social Studies 


Resource / Connections

Nick Cochran Physical Education
Faith Reddick  Physical Education
Billy Haas Physical Education
Heather Gonzales Art
Kate Cowan Family and Consumer Science
Kathryn Newman Exploring Agriculture Education
Derrick Mathis STEM
Richard Johnson Band/Music Tech
Sydna Davidson Chorus/Computer Literacy
Shannon Burnham QUEST
Sean Fretwell Science Connections / Enrichment
Mary Jones Advanced Math
Ana Goldstein ESOL
Meg Hill Reading Support
Debra Phillips Learning Support
Emily Thompson Learning Support
Jennifer Johnson  Learning Support
Jeanie Jewell Learning Support
Sherry Bowen  Learning Support
Denitrid Pinckney Math Learning Support
Courtney Alligood ELA Learning Support
Mandy Hardee ELA Learning Support
Sam Rogers Math Learning Support
Heidi Shaw ELA Learning Support
Melissa Mercer SS / Science Learning Support
Susan Ussery Math Learning Support
Crystal Harrison SS / Science Learning Support
Diana Waters SS / Science Learning Support


Administration and Support Staff

Brad Boykin Principal 842-8400
Penny Oglesby Assistant Principal 842-8400
Marianna Voiselle Assistant Principal 842-8400
Jessie Elmore Learning Support Coordinator 842-8409
Shantell Henry Counselor  842-8403
Mary Michael Logue Counselor  842-8400
Lisa Owen Front Desk Administrative Assistant 842-8400
Melissa Jackson Registrar 842-8404
Sandi McGalliard Bookkeeper 842-8405
Shannon Robertson Media Specialist 842-8400
Allison Puzder Tech Liaison 842-8400
Donna Wright Attendance Clerk 842-8411
Sharon Wilkins Parent Liaison  
Kelly LeCroy Nurse 842-8408
Una Lundy Cafeteria Manager 842-8407